What’s new in PowerMath

This release supports InDesign/InCopy CC 2017 and InDesign/InCopy CC 2018

Plug-ins for older versions of InDesign/InCopy have not been included in this release.  Please utilize older versions of PowerMath should plug-ins for older versions of InDesign/InCopy be required.

MathML import from an alternate source

PowerMath is now capable of importing MathML created by other applications.  Please see the MathML Import page for more details: Import from MathML

Defects corrected in this release:

PowerMath was displaying a blue mark behind the glyph of certain fonts

Fonts that do not contain Unicode encoding tables were not read correctly resulting in invalid font metrics for each character.  PowerMath now correctly reads the encoding tables irregardless of the encoding type.

ASCII export/import results in different superior/inferior tags

Superior/Inferior tags were not properly tracked and an incorrect tag was inserted.

Migrating equations from PowerMath 6.0.1 can result in removal of the primary division procedure options

Division procedure options were not migrated properly to an interim format.