PowerMath 6.0.5 Change Log

  • The limitation on the number of PowerMath procedures has been removed
    PowerMath Supersets now allow an unlimited number of Division, Case Fraction, Rule, Sperior/Inferior, Nudging and Stacking procedures.
    Added in build
  • LAB style colors (Pantone) are not available in PowerMath
    LAB color support added
    Added in build 3640
  • Eve3 keys randomly stop working when importing equations
    A defect was repaired in the hardware driver
    Fixed in build 3655
  • Some superior/inferior glyphs display incorrectly in the editor
    The superior/inferior size modification was being applied in an accumlative manner making the superior/inferior display with ever decreasing font sizes with each click until the glyph was invisible
    Fixed in build 3680
  • Import performance improvement
    Import performace was significantly improved by reworking some of the algorithms
    Performance improved in build 3686
  • Some glyphs from oversized fonts do not display in windows that display font grids
    The size of the grid was fixed and was displaying a portion of the glyph that was blank, making it appear that the glyph was not displayed properly. The grids displayed on the Pi Character, Place Superior/Inferior and Glyph selection window have been changed to resize the grid to the largest glyph displayed
    Fixed in build 3720
  • MathML export always exports parenthesis as braces and won’t selectively export as operator
    Pi Character window had the “Get as Character” functionality changed to get the glyph as a non-Pi character from the Pi character table. The default MathML category for a brace is operator and the Pi Character default for parenthesis is brace.
    Fixed in build 3725
  • Padding is needed when exporting to images
    PowerMath now allows padding to be added to exported images
    Added in build 3727
  • Tooltips are missing on some PowerMath windows
    Some of the available tooltips where incorrectly showing up behind the window that was displayed
    Fixed in build 3733
  • Generate Artifacts feature added
    PowerMath has added the ability to generate export artifacts for all equations within a document. Please see the frequently asked questions section of the website for more information
    Added in build 3752
  • Superior/Inferior functions do not get exported
    A superior/Inferior function preceeding a Pi character within an Integral will now export correctly
    Fixed in build 3757
  • Lock lead option is ignored when updating equations
    Lock lead option is now correctly used
    Fixed in build 3771
  • Pi Precedence keystrokes and menus are ignored
    Pi Precedence functions were incorrectly disabled in version 6.0.3
    Fixed in build 3786
  • Upsized Pi characters are not using the scaling defined for them
    Upsized Pi characters were incorrectly using the scaling of the level 1 Pi character, the correct scaling is now used
    Fixed in build 3787
  • Creating a new superset crashes PowerMath
    Initial procedures were not created correctly for the superset
    Fixed in build 3821, introduced in initial version of 6.0.5
  • Stacking procedure options window crashes PowerMath
    Under certain conditions, the sample stacking procedure was not found in the superset
    Fixed in build 3822
  • Manual font changes through via No Style menu are not applied
    The style was accidentally hidden during processing
    Fixed in build 3834
  • Export/Import of font metrics only allows one file at a time
    PowerMath now allows multiple files
    Added in build 3837
  • Equations within InDesign tables do not export
    Tables are now included when scanning the document for equations
    Fixed in build 3863
  • MathML export doesn’t generate valid MathML files
    MathML export has been significantly improved
    Fixed in build 3872
  • It is difficult to find equations within InDesign documents
    PowerMath has a new feature that allows you to view all of the equations within an InDesign document. The feature is available on the document properties window
    Added in build 3901
  • Default color defined in the superset is not used
    Black was assigned as the default color, the superset’s default color is now used
    Fixed in build 3908
  • Equations within InDesign documents take a long time to load when scrolling through the document
    PowerMath now loads supersets and equations in the background when the computer is not busy
    Added in build 3921
  • InDesign CC 2017 plug-ins are not available
    We are pleased to have added InDesign CC 2017 plug-ins to PowerMath
    Added in build 3924
  • When running Javascript, PowerMath pops up errors forcing the user to dismiss the window
    Scripting will return errors instead of poping up windows, allowing unattended operation
    Fixed in build 3931
  • It is difficult to find the supersets folder
    PowerMath’s equation editor now contains a reveal button to show the location of the selected superset
    Fixed in build 3935
  • Drag-select within the PowerMath editor selects too much
    The selection mechanism in PowerMath has been updated to select only those elements within the drag rectangle. Should the drag rectangle include an edge of a procedure, the entire procedure will be selected as well
    Fixed in build 3938
  • The delete key doesn’t seem to delete anything in the editor
    PowerMath’s equation editor was incorrectly ignoring the delete key under certain circumstances
    Fixed in build 3939
  • Case fraction spacing has changed in recent versions
    Case fraction spacing was restored
    Fixed in build 3944
  • InDesign CC 2018 plug-ins are not available
    We are pleased to have added InDesign CC 2018 plug-ins to PowerMath
    Added in build 3954
  • Plug-ins are not copied to InDesign and InCopy automatically
    Plug-ins will now be copied to InDesign/InCopy automatically by the installer if InDesign/InCopy are installed to the default installation folder
    Added in build 3956
  • Supersets are difficult to find on the computer
    Reveal buttons have been added in various places within PowerMath. Clicking the reveal button will show the exact location of the superset on the computer
    Added in build 3957
  • Javascript interactions with InDesign/InCopy for import/export operations within PowerMath do not include the entire document
    The original specification was to operate on the current story. The scope of the operation was changed to include every story within the document
    Changed in build 3973
  • Equation properties (title and comment) are not preserved during export/import of equations
    Equation titles and comments are now treated as special types of Pi character tags that allow the information to be restored on import
    Added in build 3992
  • Feature request: Provide a mechanism for naming generated artifacts
    Equation properties title will now be used for naming generated artifacts if present. The old naming convention will be used when the title is not unique or blank
    Added in build 3998
  • Feature request: Utilize well-known MathML names for glyphs within equations when exporting
    Well-know MathML symbol names will be used when encountered in an equation during export to MathML
    Added in build 4000
  • Feature request: Font errors within PowerMath equations InDesign/InCopy are not easily recognized. Utilization of preflight is requested
    Preflight capabilities have been added to PowerMath to aid in the identification of missing fonts within equations
    Added in build 4010
  • The default superset in PowerMath utilizes Adobe Type 1 fonts
    Adobe Type 1 fonts tend to cause issues in the latest versions of the operating systems and it is a best practice to switch to OpenType or TrueType fonts. The default superset now uses OpenType and TrueType fonts. Please note that if you are using the Default superset and you update your equations to utilize the new superset, the size of your equations will likely change by a bit
    Changed in build 4025
  • Feature request: An identification of the font location that is being used by PowerMath is needed
    The Font Table window now includes a Reveal button that will expose the location of the font PowerMath is using
    Added in build 4039
  • Screen flicker can sometimes be noticed when editing equations
    Double-buffering has been incorporated within the screen drawing logic, providing a smoother screen update
    Fixed in build 4048
  • Some fonts display with red shading
    Adobe Type 1 fonts are not consistent in identification of their internal font names. PowerMath was unable to identify the font name in certain Adobe Type 1 fonts resulting is a mismatch of the requested font versus the actual font that was used
    Fixed in build 4063
  • MathML export uses msubsup instead of msup or msub and doesn’t include the preceeding glyphs as the base of msubsup/msub/msup
    PowerMath now emits msub/msup where appropriate and includes the preceeding glyphs as the base.
    Fixed in build 4081
  • Equations within InDesign/InCopy are not providing enough leading causing equations to be overwritten by surrounding paragraphs
    The functionality was restored to set “space before” and “space after” properties to the equation within InDesign/InCopy
    Fixed in build 4085
  • Added Whats New menu to th help menu
    A “Whats New” menu has been added to PowerMath. The window will display the first time PowerMath has been launched
    Added in build 4242
  • Added Elementary Math window
    The Elementary Math window has been provided as an easier way to create elementary equations
    Added in build 4246
  • Change Log will not be maintained going forward
    View the “Whats New” pages to see whats changed
    Since build 4246