PowerMath 6.0.4 Change Log

  • PowerMath plug-ins for InDesign/InCopy CC11 (2015) were added
    Power-House software released with support for InDesign/InCopy CC11 (2015). Plug-ins for CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 were removed
    Added in build
  • PowerMath removes “space after” paragraph attribute
    PowerMath uses the paragraph “space after” attibute to correct linespacing. If PowerMath detects a line spacing value that is greater than the required spacing for an equation, PowerMath will leave it unmodified
    Fixed in build
  • LAB style colors (Pantone) are not available in PowerMath
    LAB color support added
    Added in build 3640
  • Superior/Inferior functions do not get exported
    A superior/Inferior function preceeding a Pi character within an Integral will now export correctly
    Fixed in build 3757