What’s new in PowerMath

Defects corrected in release

“Uninstall PowerMath” application located on the downloaded DMG could produce an error message and fail to uninstall PowerMath.

On certain computers, the uninstall components were not being utilized from the downloaded DMG.  In these cases, the components were not found and an error was displayed.  This defect has been corrected.

PNG images exported from PowerMath that do not utilize a background color were using a white background

The background color of these images are now transparent

Certain font faces from Monotype were incorrectly loading the wrong face

As an example, “Helvetica Neue LT W1G 43 Light Extended” was incorrectly substituted with “Helvetica Neue LT W1G 25 Ultra Light”.  This defect has been corrected.

Filtering the list of Pi tags on the Pi Character window resulted in names that didn’t match the search criteria

The filtered list below is not showing tags that start with “abc”.  This defect has been corrected.