Exporting to MathML from PowerMath editor

PowerMath equations can be exported to MathML.  Because PowerMath has features that MathML doesn’t, there are some features than can’t be exported.

MathML options:

  • Export Font Name: Each browser uses a different font naming mechanism.  Some use the ATS Name of the font, some use the Postscript name and some use the Full Name.  You will need to decide which type of font name should be used for your MathML parser.
  • Namespace: PowerMath allows you to specify a custom namespace for your exported MathML

Export from the PowerMath editor

Save the .mml file

The MathML shown below is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <annotation encoding="PowerMath" superset="Default" text="[&amp;a|=|1&amp;]"/>
  <mstyle fontfamily="Times-Italic">
    <mstyle fontfamily="WWDOC01">
    <mstyle fontfamily="Times-Roman">