Uninstall PowerMath

There are times when you may want to uninstall PowerMath.

  • The Apple installer has encountered an error and refuses to complete the
  • You wish to downgrade to a previous version of PowerMath. An uninstall must
    be performed because the Apple installer does not support downgrading an
    application. It will always try to upgrade.
  • PowerMath has detected that one or more of its files is corrupt and
    re-installing does not solve the problem.
  • You no longer want to have PowerMath installed on your computer.

Follow these instructions to uninstall PowerMath:

  1. Mount the PowerMath install disk as if you are performing an installation.
    Double-click the .dmg file to mount it.
  2. Open Terminal from your Applications -> Utilities folder:
  3. Type this command (copy from this webpage to save typing):
    sh /Volumes/PowerMath\ for\ InDesign/uninstall.sh
  4. You will be asked for your password
  5. Delete the PowerMath plug-ins from your Plug-Ins folder in InDesign and InCopy